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KLA Schools of Plainfield is a Reggio Emilia Inspired Early Childhood School educating children from birth to Kindergarten and offer School Age Enrichment. We are regarded as one of the best schools for early childhood education in the North Plainfield/South Naperville area . We sincerely value the fact that 90% of brain development happens in the first five years, our decisions and operations as a school is based on our values that puts children’s interest first.

Our school offers students a loving,respectful and consistent environment as we realize that childhood years are the key to building a life-long foundation for the love of learning. We nurture and educate students to instill self-confidence and hope to achieve their dreams.

Call us to schedule a visit, where you can enjoy a wonderful day with your children, being fully immersed in our approach to education.

What Makes Us Unique

Our School Identity
We believe that each child is born with innumerable qualities and values, such as being competent, powerful, curious, creative, cooperative, sincere, loyal, confident, social and multilingual. Respect for these values is the highlight of our school’s identity.

In-depth Study through Investigations
Our students curiosity, creativity are nurtured through In-depth study of a topic based on their interests. Students investigate through experiences from Provocations, Field Site Visits, Experts from the community as speakers, integrate fields of knowledge aligning with Illinois Early Learning Standards

Core Values Embedding Life Choices
As educators, we have always been building positive, productive and respectful citizens. KLA Schools, “Core Values Embedding Life Choices” program is one of the ways to help students develop good habits and virtues and lay a foundation for making better choices in life.

Nutritious Organic Meals & Milk
We offer nutritious organic meals and organic milk as we believe nutrition is equally important to education. We offer vegetarian and other dietary options.

Nature Explore Accredited Outdoor Classroom
The children, teachers, families of our school were involved in designing and naming spaces for our Nature Explore accredited Outdoor Classroom. The outdoor classroom provides opportunities for students to enhance their learning while being outdoors and appreciating nature.

Community Outreach
KLA Schools students and families have reached out to the community in various ways including donating over 1000 books to form a library in Africa, partner with Northern Illinois Food Bank and raised funds for Gift of Adoption organization.

Growing in Organic Garden
The children and families of KLA Schools care for this intimate plot of ground where opportunities for growth, exploration and a close look at nature are provided.

Environmental Awareness
KLA Schools students get enhanced understanding, importance of environment in which they live, a heightened interest in learning, a deeper sense of connection with nature, and a greater willingness to act as good stewards of the environment.

Spanish Exposure
Multiple studies have shown statistics that a second language improves memory and analytic abilities and strengthens problem solving skills. We incorporate Spanish in our daily experiences, project study, reading spanish books and enrich with Little Pim software.

Using Technology to Sanitize
We use technology developed by ZONO Sanitech to sanitize all toys, sleep mats, cots throughout the school. With its proven broad efficacy, the ZONO machine kills 99.9% of common bacteria and 99.99 % of common viruses on fabric, wood, metal, plastic, paper, leather, and glass.

School Committees
KLA Schools promotes parent-educator collaboration committees. The purpose of these committees is to investigate and utilize the special talents of KLA Parents within the school community and assisting with projects that enhance our student’s learning.

Innovative Computing
As part of KLA Schools S.T.E.M initative, Innovative Computing class is offered with developmentally appropriate technology awareness to students of age 3 to 6. Our students learn mouse manipulation skills, pre-keyboarding, visual programming, website design, animation and much more.

“The best preschool approach in the world!”.Newsweek

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  • My husband and I are extremely happy with our decision to send our 2 kids to KLA. Every single teacher is amazing, and both of our kids have learned so much from them. Ms. Tracy is one of the sweetest teachers I have ever met, and it is very obvious that she loves her job. My daughter Cami is currently in Ms. Andrea’s class, and she loves her. Ms. Andrea is very patient and kind. Cami is currently potty training, and Ms. Andrea is very helpful and encouraging, which also makes it easier for us at home with potty training. Ms. Andrea is very fun and creative, and I know that Cami looks forward to going to school every day. My son Ben is in Ms. Fayeza’s class. He is excited to go to school every day, and he loves telling me about his day when I pick him up. Ms. Fayeza has taught Ben so much, and I am very grateful for that. KLA has made my kids enjoy learning, which is great! I love the fact that I never have to feel uneasy or nervous about my kids when they are at KLA. I know that they are being well taken care of, and that makes it easier for me to go to work every day. KLA is a wonderful school, and I would recommend it to anyone!

    – Colleen C.

  • My daughter started going to a home daycare at 7 months of age. I knew she needed more of a challenge once she reached the preschool age. Her transition into KLA was very smooth. I was probably more nervous about her changing daycare facilities than she was. Ever since she began KLA, she has just blossomed into such a confident little girl, and I know I can credit that to all of the teachers from which she has gained a wealth of knowledge. KLA has the school feel and experience I knew she needed, and I am thankful for each and everyday that begins with my daughter’s burst of excitement as we open the school door to a detailed description of her day on the ride home. Thank you for your dedication to early childhood education.

    – Sara G.

  • My son has only been at this school for a month and I absolutely love it. The change and knowledge I have seen him achieve in such a short time is amazing. The communication of all staff is great. The way they WANT families involved is an extra bonus you don’t see in many schools. I’m excited for my son to grow with KLA.

    – Nikki A.

  • We absolutely love KLA!! Both of our children (3 1/2 yrs and 19 months) are so happy to go to school every day. We feel very fortunate to have found a school where we know our children are so content. The school philosophy actively fosters the creativity and natural love of learning in children… and we have seen them both blossom. Our three year old adores his teacher ‘Ms. Debbie’ – and we have found her to be an enthusiastic educator and an amazing communicator. She actively works with parents on the development of the children. Our toddler also adores her teacher, ‘Ms. Tracy’, who is wonderfully patient, calm and caring. The culture of the school is extremely warm, positive and supportive – with many opportunities to engage the parents. We cannot provide enough positive feedback about KLA!

    – Heather C.

  • I cannot tell you how happy our son is here! My wife and I are also thrilled we chose to send him to preschool here, after being in home daycare the last 2 years. Keep up the good work, KLA, and strive for excellence!

    – Brandon B.

  • I am happy to state that my 3 year old haven’t cried a single day while going to school or during drop off. The previous day care, she used to cry every single day. She is excited to go to school and she is happy to be with her friends and teacher “Madeline” every single day. She sings “KLA School KLA School” when I am about to drop off. I know she has been taken care well as daily she states that she had a good day during pick up.
    Teachers are friendly and professional. I like the way they implement the Reggio education model. My daughter has picked up lot of words and started speaking in full sentences after joining the KLA School. Security around the premises is another comfort to know that she is well taken care of.

    She is well fed with organic food and has plenty of toys to play with. Every day the friendly staffs encourage to do what the kids like, my daughter makes different variety of bracelets, art work and now she can write the entire family member name. What I like the most is, teacher has learned how my daughter addresses us in our native language and communicates the same to her as well to make her feel home.

    KLA Schools also have the parent portal to communicate with parents on regular basis regarding the kid’s progress. Compare to other schools that I have personally experienced nearby, KLA Schools of Plainfield is the best.

    – Senthil A.

  • It’s hard to pinpoint a specific great teacher or attribute of this school because there are just so many. I’ll start with why I chose KLA for my son, Jaxson. He was 17 months old and I toured the Nido class. Ms Tracy had a clear and genuine love for her toddlers. Patient and loving. The classroom sizes helped too but Tracy was the biggest reason I chose KLA. For the next 8 months Tracy never broke character and continues to this day to impress me with her child whispering ways. When Jaxson began to talk he said his favorite teacher was Miss Tiffany. I didn’t get to know her as well but you can’t deny the honesty of a toddler.
    Jaxson is now 2 1/2 and is in a classroom with Ms Andrea. Andrea has been amazingly patient with helping Jaxson potty train. With all of the outfit changes and the encouragement I am blown away by how she handles it with a classroom full of potty training toddlers! Her firm but loving tone is exactly what the twos need when they are in their classic “terrible” state. I am still working on my balance but she has mastered it. Jaxson tells me he loves Andrea and Lucy.

    I can’t complete my review without giving recognition to Ms Fayeza. My husband and I each have an hour commute to work so Jaxson is one of the first kids dropped off. Since he was a Nido he has looked forward to mornings with his buddy Ms Fayeza while he waits for his regular teacher to arrive. He gives her a big hug every morning and she smiles and comments on his outfit or his favorite lovie for the day. She is amazing with him. I can’t wait for him to be in her class. I am always confident that he is surrounded by love and kindness whenever I leave him.

    Being a working mom means missing a lot of the little things in your child’s life but KLA gives us the teachers, the curriculum, and the online access/daily updates to make our working days a little brighter and it eases our minds to know that our children are not at a disadvantage compared to stay at home mom kids.

    – Anna H.

  • My wife and I spent a lot of time looking at different options for enrolling our daughter. In the end, we decided on KLA. We are so glad with our decision. She loves her school and teachers. Ms Tina and Ms Debbie are awesome and great with the kids. The entire staff is friendly and always greet you with a hello. I also think the communication is great and has definitely improved over time. I love the fact that I can go online and see a summary of the daily activities. It puts a smile on my face when I am traveling and can’t be there. We have seen such a tremendous growth in our daughter’s development and KLA has played a key role in this. Thank you.
    – Jim N.
  • We are so happy with our decision to enroll our boys in KLA. After moving three times in 2 years for my husband’s job, we were excited to find a stable program for our boys. I am a stay at home Mom, so I needed to find a truly amazing program if I was going to justify spending money on a preschool program. We’ve had the boys enrolled in programs that were just more like “babysitting”. KLA is not that kind of place. They provide an environment that stimulates and encourages children’s curiosity. The facility is beautiful and feels so peaceful and warm. Prior to enrolling your kids, they were invited to an “exploration day” just to see how they liked the school. I was so happy to see that on that day, my son’s classroom took a walking field trip to the retirement community next door. They visited and did a craft project with some of the elderly residents. It was so heartwarming and I could tell that very first day that KLA is focused on so much more than academics alone. I felt that field trips of that nature teach the kids to be compassionate and helpful and to take time to notice people in your community. It was amazing.

    On their first official day of school, when I was picking up my oldest son at the end of the day, I came in the room and he started to tear up. He had such a great day that he didn’t want to leave! His teacher Mrs. Kelly said that was about the best compliment she could receive. My son wakes on school days ready to go see his teacher, it’s like they bonded from day one! I can tell that she genuinely loves the children in her class. My two younger sons are twins and they are in Ms. Tina and Ms. Debbie’s class. One of my twins is very shy and apprehensive about new experiences, so I was a little worried about how he’d react to a new school. Within one day, he was walking into the classroom without tears. Although he doesn’t talk much, I can tell he is absorbing things and learning from his teachers. He walks into the classroom and heads right to the sink to wash his hands and I am able to walk out of the room without any tears from him. I’m so glad we’ve found a place where he is comfortable and can be around caring adults and have friends his own age without anxiety! It’s truly been a blessing for him and us. His twin brother is very outgoing and wakes up early on school days, he loves everything about his new school. I love that the teachers treat the twins as individuals. They are able to nap or sit near each other but sometimes they are so “in tune” with each other that it’s easy for them to tune others out and end up not following instruction. The teachers are so good about helping them succeed as individuals and not allow their dependency on each other to hold them back. It’s something I have struggled with as a stay at home Mom. I feel like Ms. Debbie is able to teach them social skills that I haven’t been able to and I’m so thankful for her help! That’s the thing about the teachers at KLA, they are all so loving and the environment truly promotes love and learning. It is something you have to see to understand.

    I also have to say, I’m so relieve to have my boys at a school where the staff (other than teachers) is so helpful. They respond to my questions and are always available to help in any way they can. The entire staff is so supportive of the parents, teachers, and students, it’s very refreshing! We really do love KLA and are happy we chose this school.

    – Hillary B.

  • Switching to KLA has been my best decision ever. My daughter now begs to go to school even on days off! As a working mom, it is reassuring to know that when I drop my daughter off in the morning, she will be well fed (she loves the organic meals that are catered in), be in a loving environment, and explore/create topics that interest her. I am greeted each day by friendly staff and it is reassuring that they know and care about my daughter’s well-being. KLA goes out of their way to create an organized, creative, unified school. The students all interact with each other as though they are a second family. KLA focuses on social skills, academics, and most importantly giving back to the community. My daughter enjoys being creative, learning Spanish, playing at the beautiful playground, and adores every teacher and staff member in the building. I look forward to checking her daily highlights on-line. This allows me to read about her day and see pictures as well (every parents dream!). She begs to stay longer and even wants to go to school when I am off work. KLA is everything that a working family could dream of plus more.

    – Karen H.

  • We have been at this school 3 months now and really love it. We have a 4 year old and a baby. The teachers both our kids have are knowledgeable and very caring. The principal is very nice. The school is kept immaculate. The philosophy and teaching is really well thought out. They have a full time person whose main job is to train the teachers and give them professional development. We love the way the classrooms are set up. The teachers post their lesson plans and daily newsletter online with lots of pictures. The field trips and school activities enhance the learning and the school even has its own parent group, PAK. Selvie, the owner, has clearly put a great deal of effort and heart into this school.

    – Rachel M.

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